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Rosa Guirado

Lawyer | Economist | Counselor

Founder of Legal Sharing



«After studying the Law and Business Administration degrees, I worked in several law firms and legal boutiques, where I had the opportunity to advise primarily in Commercial Law, Regulation and Antitrust issues.

I was then interested in combining my freelance legal practice with training and practice in techniques of self-knowledge and meditation. I studied a Master in Counselling  (active and empathetic listening) and the official Mindfulness MBSR program.

According to Harvard and other American universities leaders of the future need to unite their expertise and languages with their emotional and social intelligences and a new type of intelligence: the inner intelligence, or ability to develop empathy and compassion for others.

Collaborative economy was about to be born. A new economy based on the needs of thousands of citizens who make up the demand, and how those needs are satisfied by other citizens interested in sharing their goods. It is not about owning as much as possible anymore, but on sharing goods and services between persons.

This sharing economy has a legal framework. That is why the Legal Sharing project is born: to help to understand and to shape such framework in order to adapt it to this new reality.

I want to make my contribution to this new economy, through my legal and economic expertise, and my empathy for real people, in whose hands lies real change and the possibility of consolidating a more human kind of economy.


Legal Sharing. Human Sharing.


My experience


International Analyst on Digital & Collaborative Platforms

Independent Legal Consultant & Expert on Digital & Collaborative Economy

Senior Lawyer & Economist (with more than 22 years of experience)

Lecturer, Speaker, Author, Writer & Collaborator in Media



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